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Natalie Ulrich – Under Free Sky
2010 K-tel

Natalie Ulrichs Debütalbum “Under Free Sky” ist im besten Sinn des Wortes bodenständig, bisweilen beinahe erdig und zeigt sich überraschend vielseitig. Die Palette reicht vom typisch amerikanischen Country-Bluesrock über klassische Singer/Songwriter-Nummern bis hin zu astreinem Pop. “Under free sky” ist ein ehrliches Album, das solides Musikerhandwerk mit reichlich Lebenserfahrung und viel Herzblut vereint. Natalie Ulrich, die seit Anfang der 90er Jahre in New York lebt, hebt sich damit wohltuend ab von den derzeit so angesagten, jedoch gelegentlich etwas verhuscht wirkenden Chanteusen wie Sophie Hunger, Heidi Happy & Co.. Gefällt!

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What better way to start the New Year than with a new Album!

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Thanks for stopping by…Happy New Year to you! Here some wonderful news….

The moment you’ve all been waiting for so patiently has arrived. It’s true, my new Album is now in stores in the US.  ALBUM OUT NOW….ORDER NOW!

“Under Free Sky” is ready to soar…oh what a moment! I could not have done this without my fantastic producer/co-writer/performer/friend Jeff McErlain . Thank you to the 10 billion angels that have believed in me while I was writing this record. I could not have done this one alone.

…when you finally fly away, I’ll be hoping that I served you well,
for all the wisdom of a lifetime no one can ever tell”
from the song, Forever Young

Happy Holidays my friends! Thank you for visiting my new website!

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and thank you for the fantastic emails that everyone has sent. I am touched by your lovely comments! Here some news: The launch of “under free sky” has begun. My new album will be in stores in Switzerland (pre-sale) January 22nd. Under free sky will also be available on cdbaby and itunes in the near near near future.

But first things first. I will be giving a live interview on Radio BeO Saturday, December 26th at 5pm Swiss time.  . Tune in and be the first ones to get a taste of this fantastic new sound that I am so proud to share with the world! The new record was produced by Jeff McErlain who will also be on the radio with me.

More more more…I will be playing a few shows end of January in Switzerland…stay tuned for more updates….and I will be adding new music to shortly….

Oh…and it sure looks like I will be adding some shows and a CD release party in New York too.

check back soon for more updates, in the meantime THANK YOU for your support!



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Hello World!

I have some exiting news! For those of you that have been patiently waiting for this moment….here it is….my CD “under free sky”  is in production and will be in my hands within a few weeks. You can now pre-order  the CD and get to download my new single “pull me closer” immediately when pre-ordering my CD. Thank you for believing in me and for sharing this incredibly fantastic journey. more soon….natalie

p.s. oh…did I mention that I am on the cover of Migros Magazine pages 1, 94 & 95 this week? (search natalie ulrich) well I thought I’d mention it…. check back soon…pulsating and flowing with change…natalie

Hello world!

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Welcome to my new site. It’s still a work in progress but I’ll be adding stuff soon.

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My heart has been skipping a beat or two…..moving, shifting and floating with all the changes I’ve been running into. Not easy to stay grand in this truly self defining phase. Wanting desperately to be swept away by the brilliance life consists of. Yearning to accelerate into the present moment.

Sitting with my most intimate self, wondering why does it not last. Why is there so much disgust on that pretty face I saw on the A train today. It is essentially nothing but a reflection of my self I must recognize. I promise to be on my best behavior for sure. Not for an instant allowing anyone to recognize who I truly am deep inside.

Franticly needing to stay wrapped up in whatever. Screaming on top of my lungs, don’t do it, don’t you dare bare your soul. They might not like you. Slyly humorous is what comes to mind. Living a dream of fear that wasn’t created by me but all the same feels like a warm Sunday morning blanket wrapped around my naked skin.

Slowly, taking a close look. Intertwined within that little black cloud that feels kind of snug in that way, hogging up all the space for itself. Today, I am more loving, I am more caring, I am more knowing, I am more effective, I am deliciously intelligent, today I feel more alone and less lonely than ever. Now that I have begun to scratch the surface, entering the kingdom of crossing personal boundaries.