Can you walk with me
Just for a while
Take my hand if only for one mile…

Born and raised in Switzerland, singer-songwriter Natalie Ulrich was determined from a very early age to leave her own footprints in the sand.  And somehow she always knew that music would be the key.

By the age of eleven, Natalie was already composing songs – in English and also, she remembers, “in a secret language of my own.”  By her early teens, it seemed as if her life’s direction was already in motion.

Of course, few things in this life happen quite so directly.

Musically gifted in several directions, Natalie also had an immense passion for dance.  After earning a business degree, she decided to follow her dreams and move to New York to study the art.  Yet even after achieving considerable success performing on stage and in movies such as “Carlitos Way” with Al Pacino, Natalie felt something was still missing.

At a turning point, Natalie began to hear the siren song of music once again, and she resolved to take the dangerous but exhilarating leap back into song writing.  She borrowed an acoustic guitar from a friend, and began the humbling task of starting a new musical career from scratch.  Armed with a handful of new songs, she began participating in songwriter nights at New York clubs such as the legendary Gaslight, and the Baggot Inn, the Bitter End, the Crash Mansion, Kavehaz, Cafe Vivaldi, The Postcrypt Cafe as well as Nashville’s famous Bluebird Café.

“Suddenly, I was home,” Natalie has said about her midlife return to song writing and performing.

“It may sound simple and clichéd, but music allows me to be me.  It connects me to a magical place in myself – to that secret language I once invented when I first played music as a child.  The feeling I get when I sing is so awesome that I am inspired to try to spark those same feelings in my audience.

And indeed audiences have caught on quickly to Natalie’s distinctively sultry and soulful voice, as well as her musical versatility, which easily crosses stylistic boundaries from folk rock to pop to the blues.

The New York musical community has also begun taking note:    Natalie now receives frequent requests to collaborate with some of the city’s most talented songwriters.  “The music scene is awesome in New York.  I find it very exciting to be able to participate.  I especially enjoy listening to the vast amount of talent that cruises around incognito in this city of chaos, beauty and creativity.”

These days Natalie is happily in full creative sail, grateful to be moving along her desired path.  An artist who seeks first and foremost to be passionately truthful, Natalie urges listeners to live and find joy in the present moment, while at the same time expressing her own deep but life-affirming vulnerability.  She achieves this through her expert song writing, but above all through the singular power of her voice.

“For me, the most important element in contemporary music is the voice.   That’s the means by which we most directly express our humanity, our individuality.  Forget about the eyes – as far as I’m concerned, it’s the voice that is the window to the soul.

Natalie’s energy, insight, creativity, and especially, her soul, can be experienced in live performance and on her CD’s, “Changing Perspective 2003” and “under free sky 2009” .